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We're excited to share that's Real-time Streaming has won the Best in Media APIs category at the 2022 API Awards. With, we provide this WebRTC-based real-time streaming service to enable sub-second latency, broadcast-quality color and sound, global scale, and end-to-end encryption — all with native support for web browsers and Internet-enabled devices.

Real-time Streaming with Sub-second Latency

Latency is the time it takes for a live stream to get from the point of capture such as live feed from a video camera to the device where the stream is being viewed. Latency is important whenever this glass-to-glass video feed is time-sensitive and viewers must receive the content in a short and predictable amount of time.

Real-time video streaming is especially important for live events, online auctions, AR/VR virtual worlds, sports, gaming, remote production, live-streaming and other scenarios where time-to-delivery is mission critical in creating live human interaction. These experiences must be less than 1 second from the source to the viewer to be effective. For creating 2-way interactivity the target is even faster at 100-500 milliseconds to support a full round-trip.

With Real-time Streaming you are in control of the experience for your audience. You can broadcast to massive audiences with immersive and interactive applications that rival the real world. The Streaming APIs have integrations for OBS, Unreal Engine, and Client SDKs to support whatever platforms you want to build. Best in Media APIs Award

The 2022 API Awards celebrate the technical innovations, adoption, and reception by leading APIs & Microservices used by the global developer community. The Awards Ceremony will be presented during API World 2022, the world's largest API & Microservices conference with over 4,000 attendees.'s Real-time Streaming win here at the 2022 API Awards is evidence of their leading role in the growth of the global API ecosystem,” said Jonathan Pasky, Executive Producer & Co-Founder of DevNetwork, producer of API World & the 2022 API Awards.

The 2022 API Awards received hundreds of nominations, and the Advisory Board to the API Awards have selected based on three criteria:
(1) attracting notable attention and awareness in the API industry;
(2) general regard and use by the developer & engineering community; and
(3) being a technical leader in its sector for innovation. 

Celebrate with at API World

Our team will be attending API World 2022 in-person October 25-27 in San Jose to accept the award and we'd love for you and our community to join us to celebrate.

Register now for API World 2022 and claim one of the Free OPEN Passes we can offer for a limited time. Additionally, let me know you'll be there on social then come find us at the event for some exclusive giveaways. If you've used Real-time streaming or sign up for an account. Take a look at some of our tutorials and how-to articles for getting started. We'd love to hear more about your experience with an invitation-only private event (space limited to availability).

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