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Are you tired of connecting your android device every time? Then build your own DeviceFarmšŸ­.

Are you developing a mobile app? If you're developing a mobile app, you're likely carrying an Android or iOS device and a USB cable.

Journey to install the app

To do Android testing, you will need a USB-C or USB-B cable compatible with your PC. And you need to set up USB Debugging on your Android device. And you need to connect your Android device to your PC. Now install the app with the adb install command.
What if I want to connect another device? You will need to purchase a new cable for the device and repeat the above process.
What if you change your seat? You should also carry your test device and cables with you.

Set it up once and always leave it ready.

The above USB connection is very cumbersome, but it is an unavoidable process to test the app before distributing it. You can't get rid of the above process, but what if you only do it at initial setup and make it ready?
In this case, you can use Device Farm.

If you use Cloud Device Farm

Currently, there are many Cloud Device Farms(Browserstack, Lambdatest, Perfecto, Headspin, testsigma). You can use Cloud Device Farm like this. However, this Cloud Device Farm is not suitable for this case.

  • If you do not want to expose your test app, there is a possibility that the app can be exposed if you install and test the app on the Cloud Device device.
  • If you don't want to spend a lot of money on testing, Cloud Device Farm can be expensive.
  • If you access the Cloud Device from a physically distant distance, there may be a latency in accessing the Cloud Device Farm and controlling the device.

Build your own Device Farm

Building DeviceFarm on-premise can solve the above problems.
Here's an open source project to build Device Farm on-premise. => Dogu

  • All devices are yours, so you don't have to worry about leaking test apps.
  • Building DeviceFarm via the Dogu Community version is free of charge.
  • Selenium, Appium integration is possible. You can test anytime, anywhere through devices connected to the device farm you built.

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