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Free DocuSign Alternatives - Comprehensive list for 2024 [updated]

In this list of Free DocuSign Alternatives:

  1. OpenSign
  2. SignNow
  3. airSlate
  4. WeSignature
  5. Dropbox Sign (Formerly called HelloSign)
  6. SignRequest
  7. eSignly
  8. Xodo Sign (Formerly known as EverSign)
  9. PandaDoc
  10. Adobe Sign
  11. Signeasy
  12. Formstack Sign
  13. WPForms Signature Addon

  1. OpenSign

    • Overview: OpenSign is an innovative, open-source & free PDF e-signature solution that has the potential to transform the way you sign, store, organize and secure your documents. It offers an all-in-one platform for digital signing, unlimited free e-signatures and seamless collaborative signing. Its compatible with eIDAS as well as American ESIGN laws. OpenSign ensures safety of the documents being signed with a secure storage vault called OpenSignDrive™ which is designed for both individuals and businesses. Its user-friendly UX and completely free access during beta phase make it the most attractive option for those who are seeking an economical and robust digital signing solution. Image description
    • Features: Free unlimited digital signing, user-friendly collaboration tools, templates, API and detailed completion certificates for signed documents.
    • Security: Secure document storage in OpenSignDrive™ vault. End-to-end encryption of data using industry standard algorithms.
    • Integrations: Zapier, Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Google Drive, Salesforce.
    • Pricing: Free hosted plan during beta with promo code “FREEBETA”. Free for life self-hosted version also available.
  2. SignNow

    • Overview: SignNow is a solution that stands out as a highly regarded eSignature platform especially for big companies, thanks to its customer satisfaction ratings across the internet. Launched in 2018 SignNow is known for its intuitive design language and ease of use particularly on mobile and tablet devices. It maintains the speed and simplicity it offers even as it expands its features and integrations in last 5 years. Compliance with various industry standards including HIPAA & GDPR makes SignNow a trustworthy choice for your sensitive documents. Image description
    • Integrations: Zapier, MS Office 365, Google Drive, Salesforce.
    • Pricing: Business plans start at $8/user/month.
  3. airSlate

    • Overview: airSlate serves as a more or less versatile alternative to DocuSign offering simplicity, flexibility, and seamless integration at the same time. It stands apart from the rest with its intuitive and user-friendly interface while ensuring compatibility with both desktop & mobile devices. airSlate is currently not free of charge but it provides unlimited document signing options and sending capabilities for small fees, backed by industry-standard encryption and security protocols. Image description
    • Features: User-friendly interface, unlimited document signing & industry-standard encryption.
    • Integrations: Microsoft, Salesforce, Netsuite, Google, AirTable, HubSpot.
    • Pricing: It starts at $19/month for the Starter plan.
  4. WeSignature

    • Overview: WeSignature is an innovative cum robust e-Signature DocuSign alternative Cloud software created by a group of businesspeople who recognized the need to streamline the sales process with signature collection process. It is designed to help teams collect real-time payments and signatures, thereby simplifying user processes drastically. This platform simply enables clients to complete contracts more quickly that ever before while reducing costs and shortening turnaround times thereby making it an affordable thing for all types of businesses. Image description
    • Features: Access Controls, Audit Trails, Authentication, Data Security & Document Analytics.
    • Integrations: Jenesis Software, NowCerts, Input1 Payments.
    • Pricing: Starter package can be purchased at $15/month. 30-day free trial is also available.
  5. [Dropbox Sign] (Formerly called HelloSign)

    • Overview: Dropbox Sign, previously known as HelloSign offers a great range of features that makes it a worthy DocuSign alternative for business users requiring a super reliable eSignature solution. Owned by Dropbox, it promises an easy & straightforward method to electronically request and add legally binding signatures to your documents. The solution is not really cost-effective for basic signature requirements but boasts features like reusable templates and mobile-friendly forms if you need those. Image description
    • Features: Reusable templates, mobile-friendly forms, customizable experiences.
    • Integrations: ActiveCampaign, Coda, Dropbox(offcourse) & Google Workspace.
    • Pricing: Essentials plan start at $15/month. 30-day free trial is also available.
  6. SignRequest

    • Overview: SignRequest has emerged as an affordable DocuSign alternative in recent times especially catering to businesses seeking legally binding electronic signatures. Its eSignature platform allows easy uploading of PDF files & adding fields using a user-friendly drag & drop interface. SignRequest looks like an excellent choice for companies that are looking for a straightforward eSignature product with a low cost and no-frills approach to digital signing. Image description
    • Features: Digital document preparation + signing, template management, team collaboration.
    • Integrations: Salesforce, GSuite.
    • Pricing: Professional plans start at just $7/month per user with limited features.
  7. eSignly

    • Overview: eSignly is already popular among businesses for its easy-to-use and budget-friendly document signing process. Highly renowned for its user-friendly interface, eSignly offers a variety of digiral signature options and prioritizes security over everything Elsie. Its one-of-a-kind unique pricing structure allows it to provide different access levels within a team which makes it a versatile choice for diverse american business needs. eSignly stands out for of other DocuSign alternatives with its ease of use and affordability, particularly for the powerful standalone eSignature capabilities. Image description
    • Features: Multi-signature options, multiparty signatures & good security standards.
    • Integrations: Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack & Box.
    • Pricing: You can get professional package at $11/month with a 15-day free trial.
  8. Xodo Sign (Formerly known as EverSign)

    • Preview: Xodo Sign was previously known as EverSign. It is a cloud-based eSignature service widely used specifically in the field of remote legal agreements. It is a solution that focuses solely on delivering electronic signatures while simplifying the signing process without the automation of the entire contracting process. Known for its compliance and security features in the crowded “DocuSign alternatives” space Xodo Sign can be a solid choice for businesses that seek a straightforward and reasonably priced eSignature solution for their internal use. Image description
    • Features: Legal Validity & Compliance, Electronic Signatures, Document Security.l, etc.
    • Integrations: Google Drive, Gmail, Slack, etc.
    • Pricing: Basic package at $7.99/month and other packages can be found on their website.
  9. PandaDoc

    • Overview: PandaDoc offers a comprehensive and stable document management environment with a focus on simple yet powerful electronic signatures. It’s particularly noted by reviewers for its ability to integrate payment gateways into documents that streamlines the process of agreement signing and payment receipt at the same time. The platform also supports various integrations & provides templates, document analytics making it a robust tool for businesses that require more than just eSignature capabilities making it a viable “DocuSign” alternative. Image description
    • Features: Legally-binding eSignature, HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II certified & GDPR compliant.
    • Integrations: Zapier, CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, Dropbox, Google drive, etc.
    • Pricing: Free eSign plan is available with limited monthly signatures. Essentials plan start from $19/user/month.
  10. [Adobe Sign]

    • Overview: Adobe Sign which is part of Adobe Document Cloud and is a major player in the eSignature industry. It allows users to send, sign and track eSignature processes using just a web browser even on mobile devices. Adobe Sign’s biggest strength is its integration with Adobe Acrobat that makes it suitable for both private and commercial documents offering legally-binding eSignatures and compliance with major standards. Coming from the stable of Adobe, they are naturally a notable DocuSign alternative. Image description
    • Features: Legally-binding eSignature, HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA compliant and much more.
    • Integrations: Supports Google Drive, Microsoft 365, Box, etc.
    • Pricing: From $12.99/user/month for Acrobat Standard DC.
  11. Signeasy

    • Overview: Signeasy is a digital signature app known for its simplicity and ease of use, what makes it noteworthy is its requiring no training to get started. It facilitates extremely easy electronic document signing, transmission as well as in-person signature collection. Its integration with other popular business and productivity apps allows users to import, sign and save documents seamlessly using this tool. Signeasy’s laser focus on a user-friendly experience makes it the preferred DocuSign alternative for quick and efficient eSigning for many businesses across the world. Image description
    • Features: Legally-binding eSignature, ESIGN Act, GDPR and eIDAS compliant.
    • Integrations: G Suite, Microsoft, Fireworks, Zapier.
    • Pricing: Individual Essential plans start at $8/user/month.
  12. Formstack Sign

    • Overview: Formstack Sign is part of the larger Formstack no-code office productivity platform & enables electronic signing of documents from any device as a built in feature. It simplifies your document signing process by allowing users to upload PDF documents, add fields to those and send them directly to signers via email or text messages. Formstack Sign is widely known for its convenience features allowing users to also verify documents and forms from any location and on any device. It offers a completed audit trail upon signing of a document which ensures legal compliance and security with its end-to-end encryption and data storage standards. No doubt it holds its position as an important DocuSign alternative. Image description
    • Features: Legalised eSignature, TLS end-to-end data encryption, FDA/HIPAA compliance.
    • Integrations: Over 260 third-party apps, CRMs as claimed on their website.
    • Pricing: Starter package is available at $18/user/month.
  13. WPForms Signature Addon

    • Overview: WPForms is an esign solution that goes hand in hand with Wordpress. If you are that avid wordpress who doesnt want to leave wordpress echosystem but still want a DocuSign alternative then WPForms signature addon might be for you. Image description
    • Features: Electronic signatures on WordPress forms, pre-built templates, mobile-friendly.
    • Pricing: Available free with WPForms Pro subscription.

This comprehensive list offered you a variety of alternatives to DocuSign which catered to different business needs and budgets. Each solution presented a unique set of features, integrations and pricing options. But st the same time its crucial for businesses to evaluate these based on their specific requirements.

FAQs regarding DocuSign alternatives selection:

  1. What are the best free alternatives to DocuSign available today?

    • OpenSign, SignNow, airSlate, WeSignature and Dropbox Sign are some notable & free alternatives.
  2. Do these alternatives offer comparable security to DocuSign?

    • Yes, most of these alternatives like OpenSign, Adobe Sign and PandaDoc offer high-grade security and encryption out of the box.
  3. Can I use these DocuSign alternatives on mobile devices like I use DocuSign?

    • Yes, some platforms like OpenSign offer mobile friendly UI . Some like Signeasy and Formstack Sign offer mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  4. Are there any open-source alternatives to DocuSign?

    • OpenSign is the worlds most popular open-source alternative to DocuSign.
  5. Do these alternatives integrate with other business tools that we already use?

    • Yes, many of these offer integrations with tools like Salesforce, Google Drive and Microsoft Office. OpenSign is coming up with a marketplace that will have many such tools ready to be integrated with just one click.
  6. Can I get a digital audit trail with any of these alternatives?

    • Yes, options like OpenSign, SignNow and Adobe Sign provide comprehensive audit trails in all plans.
  7. Are the signatures obtained through these alternative platforms legally binding similar to DocuSign?

    • Yes, signatures from platforms like Openasign, SignRequest and eSignly are legally binding.
  8. Do free alternatives to DocuSign have any limitations?

    • Some may have limitations on document numbers or features in free plans. But OpenSign does not have any. You can even install it on premise as a self hosted solution.
  9. Can I create templates with these DocuSign alternatives?

    • Yes, some platforms like OpenSign, Dropbox Sign offer template creation features.
  10. Is customer support available with these alternatives?

    • Most alternatives offer customer support through various channels. OpenSign comes with a vibrant community support and they also provide email/chat support for their paid subscribers.
  11. Do these alternatives offer trial periods?

    • Yes, many like Xodo Sign offer free trials. OpenSign is offering all their plans for free with the code “Freebeta”.
  12. Can I sign documents in multiple languages with these platforms?

    • Platforms like OpenSign & SignRequest support multiple languages in PDFs.
  13. Do any alternatives offer payment integration?

    • Yes, PandaDoc integrates payment gateways in its documents.
  14. Can I use these DocuSign alternatives for enterprise-level needs?

    • Yes, options like OpenSign enterprise plan & airSlate are suitable for enterprise use.
  15. Are there any industry-specific eSignature alternatives to DocuSign?

    • Platforms like WeSignature cater to specific industry needs. OpenSign is the only open source software in this list making it a popular choice among OSS enthusiasts.
  16. How do these alternatives compare in pricing to DocuSign?

    • They often offer more competitive pricing structures. Some like OpenSign are open source & free.
  17. Can I collaborate with multiple parties on these platforms?

    • Yes, many DocuSign alternatives like OpenSign offer multi-party collaboration features.
  18. Do these alternatives offer document storage solutions?

    • Yes, options like OpenSign provide document storage & management solutions that are tailor made for managing contracts meant to be signed by multiple parties.
  19. Are these alternatives compliant with global standards like GDPR?

    • Many, including Adobe Sign, comply with GDPR and other global standards.
  20. Can I customize the signing process with these DocuSigb alternatives?

    • Yes, most platforms allow customization of the signing process specially OpenSign.

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