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It’s that time of the year, What I learned from Hallmark movies 2020

So much to my wife’s dismay, I actually got a lot of traffic for the previous post. So I decided to do a follow-up.

Here are my 2020 lessons from Hallmark movies:

  • If you want to marry into a royal family, and have known the prince or princess your whole life and been childhood sweethearts, then you must be a cold heartless person.
  • If you work for a royal family in any capacity involving kids you are guaranteed to marry a prince or princess at Christmas time.
  • A king or queens endorsement of your business is the only way it will be successful.
  • All websites can only be built by high price consultants that have corner offices in New York.
  • Futures are not built in “the city” they are ruined. Living in a small town is a requirement to be happy.
  • If you own a restaurant or food truck, or work in the service industry. Despite working a full crazy shift… your hair, teeth and clothes will be perfect with any sign of sweat.
  • Kids always love the new person in your life and become obsessed with you marrying that person within 10 minutes of meeting them.
  • Any job that requires you to move will immediately reconsider that decision based solely on the fact that you found your true love.
  • All schools teach a Christmas only curriculum starting at thanskgiving.
  • All corporate jobs will require you to be away from your family on christmas eve.
  • Despite budget cuts in music programs or other arts programs, every school has unlimited budget for Christmas decorations.
  • If your father owns the company you work for, he will require you to work through Christmas.
  • If someone assumes you are a couple, you will fall deeply in love in few days.
  • All cookie baking involves flower disasters where it ends up caked on your face, and guaranteed it will turn out culinary perfection.

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