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We'll help you publish your first open source PR!

qmenoret profile image Quentin Ménoret ・1 min read

If you'd like to start contributing to Open Source, we organise a bi-monthly event to help you get started! If you're an experienced contributor, you can come and help others get started! Feel free to join us next week at Contribute.

For this edition, we'll welcome Olivier Tassinari, founder of Material-UI.

What's going to happen?

  • We'll present a few issues that are easy to work with (From Material UI or other projects)
  • We'll team up to tackle some of them
  • Then we'll showcase what we've done during the evening

We've already published a few PR on past editions, feel free to join us to build your own, or subscribe to our Meetup page to know when a new event is coming!

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