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I go for Telegram after having used WhatsApp for years. My reasons (amongst many) is great service, awesome features, great communities to be in, safety & security and not being part of the Facebook all watching eye.


The fact that It wasn't built from the root by FaceBook and also WhatsApp giving me all my data(messages, images, and videos) shows how secured it is that Telegram. Telegram keeps your data and you call that safety :(


First WhatsApp wasn't built by FB it was bought and that what you say the give you all your data is just a move by FB to make you think your data is safe. Second, Telegram has that data saved and can give it to you if you request it, it also has secret chats which are encrypted and it was built by people who work on OSS and they have no intention of making profit off users data, wait 'till you start seeing ads in WA soon.

You have no proof to show facebook just wants me to feel safe. With this image attached, it's clear proof that the end-to-end encryption is real.

Why at all will telegram want to keep your data? When you search on Google you are told that Telegram is a cloud service. Cloud service?
And in the Telegram Desktop, files are being cached. cached? OMG. Telegram is just making people feel safe because it ain't a FaceBook product.

whatsapp waiting message

Okay, since you are so adamant of saying that Telegram is not secure, let me ask you, what makes you think that your info is safe at the hands of Facebook?

Facebook and Instagram are social media platforms while WhatsApp is am end-to-end Messaging platform where I have my own data. This shows how different WhatsApp is being operated or handled.


I choose WhatsApp for its UI but I must say Telegram makes me feel a lot more secured.


Whatsapp has better stickers imo. I used to go for telegram until I realize it was just another cavern for furries 🥴