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Daniel Medina
Daniel Medina

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My Experience With FreeCodeCamp

A year ago I joined freeCodeCamp and since I've now gotten 4 certifications, I thought I'd share my personal experience and thoughts about it.

What is freeCodeCamp?

FreeCodeCamp is a free online platform for learning all sorts of topics from Web Development to Machine Learning. Check it out here.

My experience

My first FreeCodeCamp course was te Responsive Web Design Certification. I found the learning method very interesting. I find this learning method really good because you actually get a hands-on experience with what you're learning. This way I learned a lot about core web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Something I like a lot about freeCodeCamp is that you have the flexibility to create your own schedule and practice whenever you want and are able to. There is no penalty for spending a little more time in something.

I have completed the Responsive Web Design, Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures, Frontend Libraries, and APIs and Microservices Certifications. So I can say I've experienced quite a bit of the freeCodeCamp platform. For the most part I have nothing but positive feedback. I have recommended this several people who have asked me for help in starting their own career in webdev. One of them is now very experienced and has moved onto React.


As much as there is good in this platform, there are some things that could be improved.

1. Improve Redux section.

I struggled the most in the React-Redux section of the Front-end libraries certification because of explanations that i felt assumed previous knowledge of Redux. I felt they went a little too fast.


Overall, I consider freeCodeCamp as one of the best platforms to start your web developer journey. It has clear, concise, and fast-paced explanations that are guaranteed to bump up your skills.

Thanks for reading my article and make sure to keep in touch for more upcoming articles.

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jlgeter2002 profile image

Frankly the learn javascript by building a roll playing game was quite tedious at best and the instructions were often vague and confusing. You're asked to mindlessly enter code without any explanation of why you're entering the code. So you complete the course and have a working game but you don't understand why and how it works. The html part where you're ask to build the interface uses inline css such as and which is poor coding technique. For example XP: 0 to emphasize the zero. I do not recommend anyone using FCC to learn javascript!

pemurillo profile image

I am learning the web desing course, I really love the way they teach