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There is still a large gap to fill. Supercomputers, and fpgas, using reversible single atom multidimensional processors, and multidimensional software, like the kind Ken Iverson developed, that generally leave von Neumann ideals, will give us an advantage toward lofty goals of consumer/public utility level quantum computation. Realistically we will probably end up just developing inverse mass quantum crystal transponders, that reconfigure themselves quadrillions of times a ns. How long this takes, and the peril we face in the process is another story for the end of war.
It is entirely possible that some caring old fool, that signed secrets to an nda started the ibm 5100 time Traveller rumor to make someone like me think of all of this, and how it could be accomplished in a short span. I believe it was probably a friend of Ken's and a patriot for good, apl is really something, and I really have to hand it to Lord Byron, and his progeny, and so many others.
Looking forward to collaborating with you all.

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