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How did I get started with Quantum Computing

dncolomer profile image dncolomer ・1 min read

This is what's worked for me in order to get started with Quantum Computing from scratch:

1/ go through several intro tutorials like #ibmq #qsharp also playing HelloQuantum

2/ go through the textbook algorithms and try to break them down using #ibmq which is the best tool for beginners in my opinion

3/ read @OReillyMedia Programming Quantum Computere

4/ Read and reproduce some research papers and projects. After a while I kind of realized Quirk from @CraigGidney was a great tooling upgrade that overcomes the simplicity of #ibmq and has some cool power features for circuit design and debugging

5/ During my learning journey I've also been exploring some other types of #quantumcomputing like Cvqc (@XanaduAI) and annealing (@dwavesys)

6/ I'm so far kind of unimpressed by all the quantum ML that I've been seeing

7/ somehow I also haven't felt the need yet to learn any quantum scripting or programming language like @qiskit, #qsharp or #cirq if you've programmed before you should be able to read through code but haven't felt the need to use them as so far


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