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Hello, my name is Don Greenfield. I am a 71-year-old retired IT Professional. Started in the late '60s, punched cards and 401 accounting machines. Went to a fly-by-night school to learn 1401 autocoder. The compiler was on a real-2-real tape unit.

Started programming on an IBM 360 mainframe using assembler language. Coded BTAM relay programs and coded my first on-line program using assembler language for 3270 dumb terminals.

Was fascinated to see something I coded come to life and interact using programmed logic. Wasn't even a relational database. Think it was VSAM. Help re-develop the same system using CICS. Programmed and designed systems for AS/400, UNIX, Oracle Databases and PeopleSoft. Last 15 years spent as a manager but always kept my hands in coding.

Three years before I retired, I took on a project to develop a dynamic online system for a High School Reunion (41 class years). I learn best by applying learning to real projects. Not a lot of time to get it going, so chose a provider that had a web page template system. This allowed me to learn PHP, mysql. added some HTML to modify pages, etc. Added JS, AJAX, and JSON to display on the same page most with php table results.

So now I am trying to teach myself CSS styling, grids and Flexbox so I can completely rebuild the website on a new shared hosting platform.

Any suggestions to tackle CSS, grids would be appreciated. I installed AMPPS on my desktop for learning.

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