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Small automation with Telegram Bot for price analytics

dmfilipenko profile image Dmytro Filipenko Updated on ・1 min read

How much time did you deal with a situation when realtors are trying to cheat on you? When do they announce prices, which is much higher than it should be?

Right now(July 2020), I'm in position when with my spouse, we start looking for a new apartment. Here in Singapore, the primary source of rent flats – it's PropertyGuru.

Luckily for us, they are providing some insights about price history. But, just looking at a list of prices, it's quite hard to guess what is an average price. For better perception, I've decided to visualize this table. Box plot would ideal for this purpose.

Box plot

Example from Wikipedia

It's showing the distribution of your numerical data.

So. How it works.

  1. I'm sending a link on any apartment

  2. And in 10-20 seconds I get a box plot with a chart.

Alt Text

Super simple but very efficient. It's very easy to understand if the mean price is 2k and realtor is asking 3k, it's a sign that someone's trying to make it more expensive than it really is.

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