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Dimitri Merejkowsky
Dimitri Merejkowsky

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Please verify your email on and

Just a quick post to kindly ask you to make sure your email is verified on both and

What to do

Ff you have an account on either or, please make sure that you email is verified, and if not, ask for a confirmation email to be sent.

Whether or not you have an account, feel free to spread the news using those links:

You can also re-use this article on your own blog for instance ;)

Why this matters is essential to lots of python developers, but is unfortunately maintained by a tiny number of great people and they need our help.

If we don’t help them, may become unable to send any email, period, which will make things really complicated for everyone.

More details

The full explanation is also on GitHub if you want to take a look.

Thanks for your help in keeping working!

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