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Discussion on: What is that one tool/stack/framework that you have no interest with despite the popularity?

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Donald Merand

Came here to say React, realized that everybody else already came here to say React.

For example, 1,500+ dependencies for "Hello World" is not right.

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j youngblood

same lol. the thing i like the most about web dev is simplicity...and while react has its merits, it is the opposite of that.

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Steve Belovarich

I really think we’ve passed peak React sometimes.

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briwa Author

I think what was missing from that fact is that the 1500+ dependencies are there to allow people to build on top of just 'Hello World'... like something way more scalable and complex than that. But I see your point. I think this is because the language and the environment itself don't allow us to do complex scalable app without loads of dependencies (Web Components, maybe, someday...)

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Buğra Gündüz

You can use React just by importing it into your HTML file in a script tag, you don't have to install 1500+ dependencies. Most of the dependencies in create-react-app are there to make the development process easier and are not bundled into the production app anyways.

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George Lampadaridis

Lol I also came in just to say React. I expected a different outcome of the comments/poll.

Well I wrote and then deleted at least 100 words why I dont prefer it over Angular that I m using but I dont think there is any point in making another React vs Angular vs Vue post.

I ll just say that I prefer Angular because after the first 2-3 months of getting aquainted with most of the framework's features I found out that big projects are way more consistent and mentainable this way. I understand it has a steep learning curve but I like the everything in one package that it provides.