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CLI Data Gem Project(EVENTCOG)

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“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”
― Charles Dickens

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At the start of this project, I was a little intimidated by its depth; but with the help of my cohort lead and the learn videos I made a program that went beyond my expectations.

My project started out as a scraper for local bars and events. But upon the realization that there are not many choices of websites listing bars in a specific area; I knew I would have to find a search new topic. After coming to this conclusion I watched the API video my cohort lead sent me and came up with the idea of just listing events. So I spent the next hour scouring the web to find an API I could use for this.

The process of finding an API then applying for a key was tedious. I went through many APIs before I found one that was free and compatible with what I was trying to do; queue Ticket Master. So with my Ticket Master API in hand and the help of a JSON formatter, I was able to get future events in the USA and easily send this data to my computer to be parsed and saved to a hash.

At this point, I thought I was through the worst of it but I was so wrong. The CLI, and Event class collaboration was tedious. I spent the next four hours typing out my code and testing it in the CLI. I did not find this part difficult it just took much writing then executing to get my associations right.

The next morning I added colors to my text and replaced much of the empty space created by my output with line separators. I then let my cohort lead overlook my project. He informed me that I did not have tests for my user input and needed to make my API key private. So using dotenv I moved my key to an env file, created my input tests, and added my finishing touches to my code. I enjoyed creating this project and working with APIs. I really surprised myself with all I was able to output off the top of my head in my program and I now feel extremely confident in this section of the course.

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