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dlion profile image Domenico Luciani Originally published at domenicoluciani.com on ・1 min read

One of the worst things that can be happens to a twitter user is surely to be unfollows but how to discover who unfollow you ? To solve this problem I create an ad-hoc offline and commandline tools to do that.

How does it work ?

It is wrote entirely in Go, read more!


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Unless 90% of your followers all disappear at the same time, why do you care if someone unfollows you?

Maybe you care because you've changed your style recently and you want to know what kind of people like it and what kind of people don't. I guess.

Otherwise...? People follow and unfollow others all the time. Let them be.


There are many people interested to track those stats and I don't see the problem to check who unfollowed me, let's say: curiosity.
You suggested another use case for example :D

Anyway, it was a nice exercise to learn Go with Twitter's APIs. :)