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The short answer is no, but I always find this conversation interesting because of the way it's brought up:

Do I need a degree in this thing to get a job in this more general thing

From my experience this leads to people giving advice like "you don't need a degree, take me for example - I did it without one", or "A CS degree will teach you everything you need to know to land a job", and etc...but why do we that? i.e., why do we give general advice to people with specific needs?

I get it though: it's "click-baity" and it does indeed grab your attention (I mean, I'm here writing a response aren't I?). But I think we need to find a better way to get people into tech aside from going "Hey, don't do THAT thing, do THIS thing".

Instead of asking "Do I need A to get to B", we should consider something more open-ended: "To get to B, what do I need?" or "What is it about A that would be beneficial/detrimental on my path to B?".

Both avenues of approach have their perks. Each person walks their path differently, so I always find it best to get to know someone before just giving them the same advice I gave to the last person who asked me what they should do.

Regardless of how you prepare for a job in tech, there's one thing I've learned along the way, from recruiters to hiring managers to professors to peers:

No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.


You articulate that point very well and we're super passionate on this subject - the amazing thing about blog posts, which is simultaneously the problem with them, is that we're able to reach thousands of people with helpful content, but because of how generic it is, we can't provide enough context for people's specific situations.

That's where the comments section is amazing. In your world, the things stated in this blog post may actually be completely impractical - and if you comment and let us know that, we'll actually take the time to understand the context and see how we can help. That's why we take the time to respond to every single content.

Also - we're putting out just tons of free content to answer the real question, as you say "To get B, what do I need?". E.g. our interview tips, application tips, the right mindset to sticking to projects and the sheer amount of content we'll be putting out over the coming years.

And to provide even more context, we're in the process of setting up a live Q&A every Thursday for an hour and a half where we literally sit down and answer very contextual questions for viewers and callers, absolutely free, so we can get into the details of things. Because context is the most important thing. We live by this, and we're only just starting to have conversations that allow us to act on this.

There is no right. There is only right for you.


I applaud your efforts and wish you and your team the very best! I am thankful for people/companies like you who take the time to engage in conversation and interact. It is much needed in a world where the very technology that allows us to be connected also allows for us to be so separated. Kudos!

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