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Life of a Job Seeker

djpandab profile image Stephen Smith ・1 min read

Well its been six months out of school and no job to speak of. Yes, I am working and I am thankful for the job I have but I would love something more challenging in the tech field. That is what I went to school for. The number of resumes that have gone out are beyond count but no doubt someone will say yeah let's give this guy a chance. Until then, I will keep being hustle-man.

I have been in and out of the workforce. I know both sides of the equation. Both sides are tough. Some have and some have not. It supports my family for the most part. I won't give up looking for that next opportunity because that is what people tend to do. Being satisfied at whatever station in life is hard for most. I am no different. The struggle is real so I know the reward will be real too! Thank God that there is more to this than the struggle.

I hope others can understand where I am coming from. Day turns to night and then back to day. So I must keep it strong and keep hustling. Can you feel me? So if you are in the same boat...stay strong...keep hustling and never give up. You will make it and so will I. God bless!

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