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Apache Camel #4 - Bean Validation

There is a lot of cases where we needed to write validation for data input. This "problem" can be easily solved in Camel by using Bean Validation component.

Imagine we have a JSON input in our route and we want to validate payload.

     "name":"Jane Doe",

To do that, we first we must unmarshall that payload to POJO.
But first, we must create a class with the same parameters as JSON and add Hibernate Validation annotations.

 @Length(min = 1, max = 60)
 private String name;

 private String cardNumber;

 private String email;

 private boolean paid;

 private int price;
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And then we add this to our Camel route.

   //define a datasource for the class you want to validate.
   GsonDataSource dataSource = new GsonDatasource(JsonDto.class);

   //unmarshal JSON to POJO

   //Validate data

When that unmarshalled data is sent to bean validator, that objects will be validated by annotations we set for JsonDto fields.

Thank you for your attention.

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