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Web Component Frameworks

What commonalities/overlaps are there between the boilerplate code?
Some similarities between VueJS, Angular, React and StencilJS boilerplates is that they all use Javascript,CSS, and HTML. All four boilerplates contain a /src and /app directory.

Which do you think is the easiest DX (Developer eXperience) to get going?
Since I am not familiar with these frameworks, I did some research and decided which one would be easiest to learn and build from. According to VueJS is the best framework to start off with. VueJS has high customizability and overlaps with Angular and React so it would be best to learn VueJS first and then transition to React and Angular.

If starting to build an "app" tomorrow, which would you prefer and why?
After reading more about the frameworks, I believe Angular would be a better choice compared to Vue and React. Vue is limited by its simplicity and allows poor code that is hard to debug/test. React is not considered a complete framework and requires third-party library use for advanced features. Although Angular has the steepest learning curve, it has the most capability compared to the others.

Here is the link I followed to get the Angular boilerplate:

Here is my group's organization:

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