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Slackel 1.0 version was released on 2005 and it was a KDE edition. It was based on slackware 10.2 stable. It was reconfigured with greek language and applications i needed. Then i created a live iso with linux-live scripts 5.1.8 from slax. So i could install it without having to configure it again from the beginning.

Slackel is now based on Slackware current tree and also use Salix tools for maintaining the system.

Slackel can be used as a testing environment where new features can be tested which later can be used when current tree will become the next stable release of slackware.

Slackel Live iso images are created with http://www.slackel.gr/repo/source/slackel-source/slackware-live-0.5/0.5.4/ forked Slackware-Live scripts from LiNomad.
The SLI gui live installer, of LiNomad further http://www.slackel.gr/repo/source/slackel-source/slackware-live-installer-1.2.5/ developed adding new features to easily install the system to hard disk or make a Live USB.
There is also the http://www.slackel.gr/isos/slackel-live/install_on_usb.sh]install_on_usb.sh script to create a Live USB and a persistent file.
make sure you read the respective instructions in this file: http://www.slackel.gr/isos/slackel-live/README_INSTALL_ON_USB.TXT README_INSTALL_ON_USB.TXT

Slackel means Greek Slackware. Slackware + Hellenic (Greek).
Slackel's goal is to be a stable, fast and light distribution. Slackel is multilingual.
You can help in artwork. Develop new tools for system. Add more features to gui installer. Create a startup guide. Help in supporting other users. Create packages. Or whatever you think is useful.

Forum is free and everyone can register and also send an email to dijemos@gmail.com to activate the account because of many spam fake registrations.

Everyone is welcome to use Slackel for free. Slackel is a project that offers everything for free and is developed in free time. No income is generated by Slackel releases or support.
Latest Slackel version on http://www.slackel.gr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=564
or Distrowatch https://distrowatch.com/?newsid=10622

Dimitris Tzemos
Slackel Founder http://www.slackel.gr
Salix core team developer https://docs.salixos.org/wiki/Salix_OS:Team

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