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re: Ive been working remotely for 6 months now, while actively looking for higher paying opportunities. I find that its best to focus on jobs that requ...

Is there any way to filter only those with that require?

Thank you! :D

Unfortunately, I haven't found a platform that curates these specific jobs/employers so my process is pretty basic. I subscribe to various job sites and slack groups for jobs; Do a job search every two days; Click every link that applies to me; Discard every link that doesn't lead to a build X as a project/assessment.
Recently, I applied for BriteCore's frontend developer position. They made us build a vue data-table. I didn't get the job, but I did get solid feedback from the team explaining why (a rare occurrence in this industry); so it wasn't a waste of time at all 😊

Yes, I did something similar when I was searching a few years ago. Set aside a period of time a few times a week to look through the best job boards.

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