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Linux is awesome and so is everything else

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Macs are so awesome, they really are. And I know you f* love them.

And man, Windows is very easy to use.

They all have their good spots for sure, but I use Ubuntu (would use any Linux distro really but Ubuntu just f* works) as my main machine.

Why? Well because interwebs ... that's why ...

I do a lot of s* on it like development, watching sports, trolling sports boards, do webdev, do insane python, buy s* on Amazon, check email, play f* bzflag. And it never slows down like my Mac from work does.

Anyways, I'm about to reboot so I can do a nice tutorial in Windows on Python related stuff and thought I'd share this Linux goodness with you guys who are the best devos' ever.

That and this awesome Legion Pro 5 from Lenovo is the best thing ever too.

Thanks for the good f* vibes this site provides!

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