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Discussion on: How to implement email functionality with Node.js, React.js, Nodemailer, and OAuth2

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DJ • Edited on

Thanks for this awesome guide.

One question:
The from field in the emails that I am receiving is the address that I used to set up the OAuth. Are your from fields in the received emails the actual addresses instead?

Nodemailer documentation ( says, "Gmail also always sets authenticated username as the From: email address. So if you authenticate as and set as the from: address, then Gmail reverts this and replaces the sender with the authenticated user." so I was wondering if it is possible to have the actual from address instead of the authenticated one.

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Jared Long Author

Hey DJ! Unfortunately, I haven't figured it out with Gmail and based on the docs, I don't know if it actually is possible, which is why I did a work around with adding the user's email to the subject šŸ˜…