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Roadmap For GSOC-24 (5 month RoadMap)

Hi , i know this year gsoc going to be so competitive . So considering that i am also going to participitate in gsoc 2024 .
So here i have made a plan how will i going to attempt gsoc .
Many students were getting so confused how we have to start , infact in the beginning i was also confused but i did research. so here is my future plan hope this might help to you all .
Also this is going to my First attempt in gsoc .

So here i am assuming that you are interested in web development And you already know basic html ,css ,javascript

Month 1: September

Week 1-2: Project Research and Selection


Spend time researching GSoC organizations and their project ideas.
Identify a project that aligns with your skills and interests.
Week 3-4: Community Engagement , Learning MongoDB

Join the organization's communication channels (forums, mailing lists, chat, etc.).
Start introducing yourself to the community, ask questions, and contribute to discussions.

Month 2: October

Week 5-6: Skill Enhancement related to the organization that you have selected before

Identify any gaps in your knowledge related to the chosen project.
Take online courses, read documentation, or follow tutorials to strengthen your skills.
Week 7-8: Contribution to the Project

Begin contributing to the project in small ways, such as fixing documentation issues or minor bugs.
Start getting familiar with the project's codebase.

Month 3: November

Week 9-10: Proposal Preparation

Start drafting your GSoC project proposal. Include a detailed project plan and timeline.
Describe why you're the right candidate for this project.
Week 11-12: Seek Feedback

Share your draft proposal with the mentors and community for feedback.
Revise and improve your proposal based on the feedback you receive.

Month 4: December

Week 13-14: Finalize Proposal

Polish and finalize your GSoC proposal, ensuring it adheres to the organization's guidelines.
Double-check your timeline and milestones.
Week 15-16: Coding Samples

If the organization requires coding samples, work on them and submit them along with your proposal.
These samples should demonstrate your coding skills and familiarity with the project's technology stack.

Month 5: January

Week 17-18: Proposal Submission

Submit your GSoC proposal before the application deadline.
Make sure all required documents and information are included.
Week 19-20: Interview Preparation

Prepare for interviews or discussions with potential mentors. Revisit your proposal and project details.
Be ready to explain your project plan and answer technical questions.
Week 21-22: Continue Contributions

Stay engaged with the organization's community by contributing to the project.
Showcase your commitment and passion for the project.

Remember that GSoC is highly competitive, so putting in the effort to prepare a strong proposal, actively engaging with the open-source community, and continuously improving your technical skills can significantly enhance your chances of being accepted. Best of luck with your GSoC journey!**

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