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Divyansh Srivastava
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How MSG91 helped our startup to become favorite of our users?

SMS, though simple as it sounds, but undoubtedly the most important aspect in any eCommerce product life-cycle. Messaging is everywhere, right from customer signup, order notifications to marketing campaigns, advertising and what not. Remember those early days how startups struggled to integrate with network providers, investing their productive time, efforts and money. Network delays, hefty charges, no service guarantee and various other issues kept startups on their toes.

When I started to drive my startup (, my aim was to give the consumer (which mainly targets B2C) update through SMS, but with very less money on pocket and being on the experiment ride I want a reliable messaging partner which can help me out in this troublesome situation and help to ship my business. At this point MSG91 solved my problem and gave me bulk of 25000 free messages and help me to turn out my fortune. Being on the first phase and giving that bulk of free messages has proved a boon and I know it will go a long way in my business.

Things that I like the most about MSG91 are:

1) MSG91 provides restful endpoints and it hardly took us an hour to integrate and test each of their services.

2) It offered best rates in the market. Moreover it offered free credits to selected companies which is a great value addition for early stage startups.

3) Fast and reliable delivery network ensures that the messages are always delivered. They work with some of the leading network providers and have appropriate backup and retry mechanisms in place.

4) Support is top class. I requested for one of the feature additions required for my product, and to my surprise the feature was made available within few weeks.

...Just to name a few.

I deeply thank MSG91 team in helping us out when you need a lot of support and I wish them best of luck that they grow multiple folds and win lots of hearts .

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