Journey to being full stack?

divyajyotiuk profile image Divyajyoti Ukirde ・1 min read

I went for an interview to get job in blockchain team. During my internship, I was put in frontend team. Honestly, my heart is not into frontend development. Now, the same company has hired me in the frontend team. To try my luck into other teams, I took the offer thinking I'll switch to other teams.
It's not that I don't like my job. I love doing the work they assign me, but I wish to contribute more.

How do I ask for backend tasks as well? What are the prerequisites, so that they think I may be able to do handle backend tasks as well as frontend?

Please help me out in my journey to become a full stack developer!


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Backend Dev:
1. Learn more about the Operating System Eg: Linux
2. Learn Python and a framework Eg: Flask, Django
3. Learn about NoSQL Database: Eg: MongoDB
4. Learn about Message Queue Eg: Apache Kafka
5. Learn about Web Server Eg: Nginx


I guess the easiest way is to show your skill and knowledge of backend to your manager and other teams.
For example, if you can access other teams' codebase, you can tell your manager or other team's developer a way to improve a project.
Also, the side-project could be helpful to show people your skills as a full stack developer.


Nope, I don't have access and they don't have anyone as a full stack developer yet. I might be the first!

As for the backend-concerning skills, I still need to develop those. It will be great help if I could get some pointer on how shall I start!


In my opinion, creating an API server with node could be good as a starting point since you know frontend which means you can reuse your js knowledge.
If you want to use another language for BE, I think python and go lang are good.

I think that will offer you to learn at least the followings

  1. What restful api is (also you may want to know why people start using graphql)
  2. How to use db

3. How to deploy your app to cloud

Maybe use docker to create develop env quickly. This will some benefits to your frontend job.

You can find out good videos on youtube about creating API.

After that, you could suggest something to your manager to improve the product you are working on.

Noted! Thank you!


It sounds like that's a conversation you should have with your manager. Just tell them you're interested in backend work. If they don't think you're ready to do that, ask them to help you come with a plan to get there.


I had thought of this too. I just needed a confirmation from experienced. Thank you :)