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Emailing a user when they are assigned a case using Power Automate

Requirement - When a user is assigned a case, alert them on their personal email.

This can be accomplished using a Power Automate flow


  • This is done within a Power Apps environment with Dynamics 365 Customer Service (but arguably this will work for any table and not just the Case table)
  • Create a cloud flow with a service account that has access to the DataVerse and ability to send email

Step 1 - Trigger when assigned user changes

| |
| This trigger will only be triggered when ownerid field changes


Step 2 - Identify the Assigner and Assigned user

Step 3 - Check if the Assigned user actually has a personal email

Step 4 - If so, then send them an email

All of the fields populated in the email you'll be able to find from the steps above. The one thing is Domain Name - this is an environment variable I've created so that this solution will work as I migrate it through the various environments up to production.

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