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Hi from Diploi 🎉

Welcome to the very first post about Diploi. We're on a journey to make software development feel like magic 🪄 and we very much want you to join the ride.

So what's Diploi?

For starters, it's possibly the most fun and easy way to try out new tech stacks. With just a few clicks you can launch, for example, NextJS/Svelte or Astro + PostgreSQL and start coding right away.

But it is so much more. Officially, we describe it as a "SaaS service for managing, developing and hosting your full application", but really, think of it as a way to develop and run your application, all the way from initial experiments to a full service with a large team of developers, having CI/CD and running test, staging and production versions. All without any DevOps at all 🤯.

In more technical terms, it could be described as a way of automating Kubernetes, as Diploi is based on Kubernetes. But if you run our ready templates you don't even need to know how to spell Kubernetes. And because we are using Kubernetes you won't be locked into Diploi forever, you can eject ⏏️ and run your solution on some other Kubernetes platform. But you might regret it 😉.

Remote Development

When developing in Diploi you install nothing on your local machine. Just connect with your editor (eg. VSCode) and get going. Nothing to set up, just code away.

Try it out

It's early days and we are working hard on adding features and growing the number of supported stacks. We'd love it if you want to try it out (and you can try it for free). Please let us know if support for your favourite framework or tech is missing.

Thanks for tuning in, head out to and press Sign up, you won't regret it.

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