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How build amazing touchscreen applications

In the last year I'm have opportunity work with a project different, was requested build a system for reception people here I work, that is a somewhere where people going to make exams medics.

The primary requisite of system are that work good in touchscreen, but I had not experience with this type layout. The primary think that you have when you want make system for touchscreen is the components, in my case, buttons ands cards having big for confortably touch users, another motive is that screen is too large and the design need ocuppated all the screen.

I working in this solution since 2018, and now we going a good experience, we think in encapsulate the keyboard developed in the Github for another people use.

I want write more details this project in the future, for now, my tip is that you need differenciete your thinking when you build applications touch, is important remember that users not use your solution with mouse our keyboard, and the components need otimizate for the touch.

Exist a book amazing that I reading now called "Designing For Touch – Josh Clark", I recommend read this book if you need undertand the enviroment around touchscreen development.

This is my first post here, I hope you like!

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