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re: A friend was saying something similar. He said go with someone small. I'm struggling to think how to do this; never really worked for anyone that w...

Just look for jobs in the public sector - government, universities, school districts, utilities, transportation, etc. The biggest downside is that most of these places are small because they have small budgets, which in turn means smaller salaries and it's the reason you'll wear many hats at your job, because there's not enough budget to hire specialized people. Universities generally are the best to get in to, as they have great benefits and usually come with free tuition (or loan forgiveness if you have any student loans), plus their salary is generally a bit higher and you might have opportunities to teach as adjunct faculty.

Ok I'll definitely try that strategy. I'd definitely be interested in taking advantage of free tuition if that was in the offer. Plus from what I hear they get great vacation packages, so I'd take time with family over $$s any day.

Thank you!

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