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First days installing Ubuntu alongside with Windows 10 on an UEFI device

About me, I am an Information and Communication Technology student at University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH). At the time of writing, I am 20 years old, studying last year at USTH.

Why do I install Ubuntu?

I just want to do it for fun. In fact, I have WSL installed on Windows and I use it daily.

How do I install Ubuntu?

Since I am not good at dual-booting, I have read this article on Itsfoss to know how to carry out the process

I have successfully installed Ubuntu 20.04

What do I encounter during the installation?

After installing Ubuntu, the device should show Purple things to choose Boot Manager. In contrast, it goes right to Grub terminal

Alt Text

🤔 So I tried cmd reboot then I realized I just need to exit it. It goes to UEFI to choose booting sequence then back to Purple screen.

How do I customize Ubuntu?

After a morning of configuring

Alt Text

Then I missed KDE so much, I switched to that. (🤣 Should have installed Kubuntu at the first place).

After an evening of configuring

Alt Text

Introducing KDE-full on Ubuntu 20.04

After a night of configuring

(Actually early morning, next day)

Alt TextAlt Text

I f*c*ed up it. Now I had KDE and Gnome at the same time. It literally has everything.

One of my friends suggested that I should call it "GAWDE". GAWDE Ain't Windows Desktop Environment or GAWDE A Weird Desktop Environment. I agreed with him. Now I had GAWDE.

(W in Windows stands for Weird)


I managed to fix it, back to former state. And now I am using Windows to post this blog.

Alt TextAlt Text

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