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How to Choose the Right Сloud Computing Services for Your Startup

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Startup launch requires well-designed solutions. It is an article-warning for you not to lose sight of cloud computing services, as your software deployment might need them on the further improvement stages so much.

Let’s see how to cope with cloud funding appropriately, as it may be one of the most crucial issues for rising companies. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind during deployment of cloud services:

  • Ensure cloud services costs are transparent. Obviously, you would like to know what exactly you spend your money on. Be aware of potential hidden costs and a tendency of cloud providers to obtain as much your money as possible. To avoid any surprises, it’s better to keep a track of tools you implement and all necessary steps for expansion. This information will come in handy for planning your future budget;

  • Monitor historic data. It’s a useful thing to reduce expenditures on data that is not in use anymore;

  • Conduct containerization. Such a process is a middle ground between running everything on a physical server and complete virtualization on virtual machines. Containerization can help to prevent extra expenses because of the lack of performance peculiar for cloud servers;

  • Pay attention not to the famous providers, but to the best ones. Well, it demands some additional investigation, but it will benefit your further processes. Agree, the “brightest wrap” often turns out to be worthless. And that’s the thing. So look carefully through the provider's reviews and his portfolio not to regret later;

If you consider cloud services as a good solution exactly for your idea, then you can focus on cloud giants like Microsoft Azure and AWS. In this article you can find why Azure and AWS are the most frequent choice for startups.


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