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Gitote, two weeks after

Two weeks ago I saw a post about this new open source end-to-end software development platform with built-in version control, issue tracking, code review : this post. I signed up to see what does this new platform look like. And after two weeks I can give my mind.

⚠️ I'm only 15 yo, my English isn't perfect and I want to improve it so if you notice a language error, say it in a comment. ⚠️

Good points

  • It is new and open source

I don't know if it's an argument but in my mind, that's very important.
I love open source alternatives. This is based on Gogs which is self-hostable.

  • Simple user interface

The first thing I noticed is the user interface, so simple and so easy to understand, okay some people can say it is a copy paste of the Github's design but that's not a problem for me.

  • Visibility

Gitote is made with the concerns of the social. There is an Explore page which is absolutely amazing I discovered a lot of good projects especially Just Another shell or Full Tilt Bash.

Negative points

  • No unit testing service

That's a big problem for me, I need unit testing but today if you want to use a unit testing service you will have to create a mirror on Gitlab/Github.
EDIT: Gitote is setting up a drone-ci instance.

  • I don't know but I have to find other negative points


I don't say you should use it instead of Gitlab/Github/Bitbucket but you should still try Gitote. I forgot to mention that I am remote intern at Gitote but I said all the things I thought about it good or bad.

There is not a lot of people for now on Gitote but I think the popularity is only a matter of time.

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David J Eddy

Thank you for the review Erwan. I too say the original post and was curious of Gitote.

As for the grammar:

  • "It is new and open source" That is two points. New != Open Source AND Open Source != New (see Linux Kernel).
  • "..., so simple and so easy to understand,..." It sounds better as "..., it is (referring to the UI) so simple and so easy to understand. (full stop period)"
  • "... I forgot to mention that I am remote intern at Gitote but I said all the things I thought about it good or bad...." Typically interest conflicts are stated at the beginning of an article to inform the reader of your (possible) conflict of interest.

Overall though, nice article.

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Thank for this reply, I'll edit my post to fix those little errors.

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Thomas Leon Highbaugh

Dude, awesome resource even if you shilling for them :P

Though I would say you seem more than honest and honestly its not like you are racking in mucho dinero interning for an extremely new site such as that.

I was instantly attracted to the "Useful Explore" potential. Wow it is actually useful. I will be forking and modifying for a while now. Thank you!

PS still want to write an article

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Andrew Bone • Edited

I think I want to perform to should be I want to improve πŸ™‚

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Oh thanks

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Cool, Thanks πŸ™ for sharing and making Great!

dimensi0n profile image

I'm happy to contribute to this amazing project πŸ˜‰