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Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing which is a form of digital marketing
what is marketing?
marketing is a form of promoting products or services through different mediums to boost the sales which results in making more profits.

There are various kind of techniques to market or advertise the business, influencer marketing is one of them.
influencer marketing involves social media platform where influencers(social media celebs) use to advertise some products or services by using them personally.
influencer advertise the products through their posts/stories on their different social media handles like; instagram, facebook, youtube etc..
The process of influencer marketing starts with identifying or choosing appropriate person who can advertise the particular product through which the TG(target audience) get informed about that product and get influenced by that influencer so that they will start using that product or service, in return that influencer get paid for that promotion (this is called paid promotion of any product or services).
when any influencer post about any product they mention that product's official social media account or page by which audience visit their pages to look after that products with interst to purchase them which results in boosting up the sales and profits.

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