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Useful Tools for Front-end Developers

When working on the front-end for my websites, I constantly flick back and forth and look for various websites to help me with what I need. So, here's a list of sites for future me and also for you!

  1. MDN -

    • By far one of the most useful websites for frontend devs is MDN. Contains all HTML elements, CSS attributes, etc and a lot of information about them.
  2. Can I Use? -

    • Check browser compatibility for CSS attributes, APIs or HTML elements that you plan to use.
  3. CSS Tricks -

    • CSS Tricks has loads of useful guides on everything CSS. There are amazing cheatsheets for Flex and Grid as well as many other useful things.
  4. HTML, CSS and JS Cheatsheets -

    • Lots of useful reference for all 3 languages.
  5. React Cheatsheet -

  6. Tailwind CSS Docs -

    • Tailwind is a great CSS library that provides a lot of flexibility. The documentation is great to refer too!

That's all I can think of now, but I'll try to update this when I think of more! If you have any you use, leave them in the comments and I'll add them!

Hope it helps,


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