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Dilantha Nanayakkara
Dilantha Nanayakkara

Posted on • Originally published at on <time datetime="2021-07-11T12:58:00Z" class="date-no-year">Jul 11</time>

The New Writing Playbook

Okay so I know blogging is quite outdated so might as well figure out some guidelines going forward.

  1. No comments There were good comments back in the day but these days its too much of a hassle to maintain. A contact form or twitter should be enough. (Does not apply to, I'm happy to engage with comments here 🙂)
  2. SEO'ish If you use a CMS these days you get this for free. Don't stress too much about it and write like you just don't care, your people will find you.
  3. Minimal tracking No Google Analytics, something more privacy preserving just to see the areas of interest.
  4. No ads never really liked them myself so why push it on my readers. No ads but I might have another plan.

It would be nice to make some money with words ... 🤔

So my evil plan is to make money, so I can buy more plastics and mess up the world (not).

The money would help pay the hosting bill and move to a better platform so I don't have to tweak so many things and just write.


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