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Setup your app on Google Domains with Layer0

Rishi Raj Jain
Solutions Engineer @Layer0Deploy. Wanna take everyone along in this web development journey by learning and giving back async.
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So recently, I bought with Google Domains, and it was super easy to get my portfolio to production with Layer0 as the developer-first deployment platform, and obviously Next.js the #1 react framework (well for me)!

Why Layer0 for deployment?

  • Framework Independent: Layer0 supports the most widely used technologies for building progressive web applications. React, Next, Vue, Nuxt, Angular, Sapper, Gatsby, Razzle, even Static HTML/JS!
  • Real Time User Monitoring: One line code to measure Real-Time Core Web Vitals!
  • EdgeJS: Clear caches, define own CDN rules, and cache splitting. Seems like a lot of power to developer already? Find many more reasons at

Why Next.js as my #1 React Framework?

Configuring Google Domains with Layer0

Steps on Google Domains

  1. Add a synthetic record for subdomain forwarding:
    Screenshot 2021-06-13 at 1.10.08 AM

  2. Add custom resource records for automatic TLS certification and hosting it on the apex domain:
    Screenshot 2021-06-13 at 1.14.45 AM

Steps on Layer0

  1. Deploy Your App (Or deploy an example Deploy To Layer0)

  2. Add domain in the settings tab of your project
    Screenshot 2021-06-13 at 1.19.33 AM

  3. Configure TLS
    As you've already added the custom resource records, just click on Generate SSL

All set 🚀. Feel the speed now 🏎.
Feel free to drop any feedback in comments!

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