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Announcing DigitalOcean Uptime: Real-time uptime and latency alerts

Providing a good user experience is critical to business success, and that experience depends on both availability (uptime) and response time (latency). We are excited to announce a new product from DigitalOcean to help you monitor these important metrics. DigitalOcean Uptime gives you the peace of mind that your assets are being checked regularly, and alerts you before your customers are impacted so that you can recover quickly from incidents. Starting today, anyone with a DigitalOcean account gets one uptime check for free per month so you can be aware of incidents as soon as they happen and resolve them more quickly. Start checking your website with DigitalOcean Uptime today.

Get alerted when your assets may be slow, down, or vulnerable to SSL attacks

Website latency is the amount of time it takes for data to go from a network to another, and is a critical metric for production applications. The longer your website or application takes to load, the more opportunities your users have to go somewhere else. Empower yourself with DigitalOcean Uptime to determine if resources are available and responsive from an external user's perspective.

DigitalOcean Uptime allows you to check your services no matter the cloud provider--you can monitor almost any IP or endpoint after a quick and easy set up. Simply paste your endpoint to start checking.

Watch as Chris Sevilleja, Senior Developer Advocate II creates an uptime check in a few seconds and monitors an endpoint.

Slow websites can be due to a range of causes, from needing more computing power, to sites being under attack, or dependencies crashing. By setting an uptime alert you can protect your business during incidents that are common during your busiest times.

You can create alerts for up to four regions at a threshold of latency down to 1 millisecond (ms) and set how long before you're alerted. By leaving the default configuration you’ll receive an alert immediately after two minutes of latency, by email or to a chosen Slack channel with relevant metrics so you can find the cause.

DigitalOcean Uptime also includes a regional latency graph, which will visualize any slowdown from the last hour up to the previous 90 days. This can reveal unexpected insights into your app over time and is easy to read, a baseline shows normal use and spikes appear when latency is worst. The regional latency graph can show you latency patterns at specific intervals that can tell you a lot about your infrastructure, product, and users.

Additionally, with DigitalOcean Uptime, you can track the validity of your SSL certificate and create an alert to tell you before certificates lapse so you can update them to avoid being vulnerable to attack.

Hear what users are saying about DigitalOcean Uptime

"As a solo-developer of a popular photo platform it's crucial for me to focus on the users and their needs while Uptime helps me to react extremely fast when services don't work as expected."---Manuel, Founder of 

"We use DigitalOcean Uptime to monitor our services and make sure they're all operational. DigitalOcean Uptime is effective, reliable and costs only a fraction compared to similar services. As a long-time DigitalOcean user, all we can say is thank you! It's always great to see DigitalOcean developing new helpful tools for their clients. This review is an honest one. We love DigitalOcean Uptime!" ---René Hermenau, Founder  

All DigitalOcean users can create one uptime check for free!

New and existing DigitalOcean users get one uptime check for free every month! Any additional uptime checks are $1 each per month, keeping the price simple and competitive. 

All uptime checks monitor performance at 1-minute intervals for detailed information on DigitalOcean Uptime like editing regions, and how to set up alerts refer to our documentation

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Daniel Levy

Senior Product Manager II, Insights/Experimentation

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Bobby Iliev

This is amazing! I've been using it before the GA and it has been amazing!