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Tracking Snoop Dogg's $4M Crypto Wallet with My New Open Source Tool!

Hey everyone!

I am currently working on a tool called Horus. Originally meant to be part of a renowned forensics operating system, I have decided to continue the project as currently its sole developer.

What Horus does:

Horus is an all-in-one encompassing tool for investigations assistance, from API leveraging to compiling data. It is still a work in progress, but feel free to check out the GitHub page here. Horus has many features, ranging from IP tracking to Virustotal scans, all from your terminal! In this demonstration, I will be focusing on Horus's "Cryptotrace" feature.

How I used Horus to track Snoop Dogg's crypto transactions:

In order to get a record of Snoop Dogg's transaction history through Horus, I first found his Ethereum wallet address online. I found two main addresses, but chose to use this address: 0xce90a7949bb78892f159f428d0dc23a8e3584d75

After gathering that information, I opened up Horus through the terminal, navigated to its Cryptotracer feature, and entered the currency (ETH) and address.

Here is a quick demo on what I did:

Try it yourself!

Horus is completely free and open source, so the only thing I ask of any potential users is a star, share, or even just a simple hello in our Discord server! Any contributions are welcome!

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