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Anaconda-installation: package for MX-Linux needed - here is a HowTo

since MX-Linux (see does not have added Anaconda to MX Repository package all the many many folks on MX-linux (which is ranked as #1 Linux ( cf. ) for years now - all the folks out there do hot have a good anaconda-support. Thats a sad sad story. Can you do anything and help the community.

the only option left - the hacky-solution: The Arch PKGBUILD has some links for the installer that they use to provide the source:

They say it’s open source, we need that to package it, unless we just provide a routine to the installer. The Tree section shows us list of links like this, with the code behind each link

Mode Name Size
-rw-r--r-- .SRCINFO 627 logstatsplain
-rw-r--r-- .gitignore 43 logstatsplain
-rw-r--r-- PKGBUILD 1233 logstatsplain
-rw-r--r-- anaconda.install 219 logstatsplain

but honestly - i have never been doing installation based only on files - always untill we have some support to the repo-manager of the mx-linux community there is lack of a good method on installing Anaconda on MX-Linux.

remember - the mx-group is ranked as #1 Linux at distrowatch for years now.

btw: there is a solution for debianbased linux-systems:

Use wget to download the bash installer Now that the bash installer (.sh file) link is stored on the clipboard, use wget to download the installer script. In a terminal, cd into the home directory and make a new directory called tmp. cd into tmp and use wget to download the installer. Although the installer is a bash script, it is still quite large and the download will not be immediate (Note the link below includes . the specific release depends on when you download the installer).

$ cd ~
$ mkdir tmp
$ cd tmp
Run the bash script to install Anaconda3 With the bash installer script downloaded, run the .sh script to install Anaconda3. Ensure you are in the directory where the installer script downloaded:
$ ls

now we can run the installer script with bash.

$ bash

[b]update:[/b] tried to install all anaconda-things according the official instruction - went the hard way - on terminal: see these docs:

a quick walktrough through the steps ended up in fully-fledged installation of Anaconda3

next steps are shown here:

[b]Linux:[/b] Open a terminal window and type anaconda-navigator.

voila - now Anaconda3 starts...

[b]conclusio:[/b] all is fine now..

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