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“Advertise With Us” - setting up a page to encourage partners to fill it out

“Advertise With Us” - setting up a page to encourage partners to fill it out

i am looking to sell ads directly to our sponsors, but not sure how to get started?

well, we can start selling direct ads by creating an "Advertise With Us" form on our site, and encourage potential business partners to fill it out.
In this posting i want to discuss this idea with you.

i want to discuss with you methods and options to create an Advertise With Us form on the site.

first of all: Why is the creating an Advertise With Us Form a good idea?

well, before we can start selling ads directly to some potential sponsors, we need to have an Advertise With Us form created on our site.
well - that said - we can either publish the form on an specified advertise page or create a multipurpose form on our contact page with smart conditional logic
for example with the cf7.

i guess that we have a few benefits of having an Advertise With Us form:

  • we could get a extra form - a form builder for example
  • or we could use cf7 with conditional fields
  • offer an easy way for potential sponsors to inquire about purchasing ads.
  • Segment our list into a Sponsors Only list, and build a long lasting connection with them.
  • negotiate the prices and discuss new possibilities for site monetization.

well do you have such a solution - i think that a lean solution is more appropiate than workin with big big plugins..

would you do this with a specified formbuilder plugin on the WordPress website, such as WPForms or Gravity Forms or any other.
or would you suggest to to this with the contactform seven CF7 - which has a hole bunch of addons - eg. such as conditional forms and lots more.#

well i have mused about a lean solution - as a alternative to a "heavy" plugin-solution..

here a little example of a simple code snippet that we may use to create a basic "Advertise With Us" form on our WordPress website:


<label for="email">Email:</label>
<input type="email" name="email" id="email" required>

<label for="company">Company:</label>
<input type="text" name="company" id="company">

<label for="message">Message:</label>
<textarea name="message" id="message" required></textarea>

<button type="submit">Submit</button>

Well, this code creates a basic HTML form with fields for name, email, company, and message, and a submit button.
When the form is submitted, it will send an email to the email address specified in the "action" attribute of the form element (if you want to use this you can d this by replace
contact@my-Website.Org ) into "YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS" in other words with your own email address).

Of course, this is just a starting point for a lean solution - we may want to customize the form fields and add additional validation or spam prevention measures.
If some of us may not feel comfortable working with code directly, we of course are able to use a form builder plugin as I mentioned earlier.

look forward to hear from you

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