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idea for decentralized governments

Government Public works planned and carried out by the private sector
First I want to highlight key concepts 1. All the men and women of a tribe initially had to know how to perform all the tasks for subsistence, this evolved with the task specialization of the members of the tribe, each member was an expert in a task time passed and the expert in a task performed that task and not others and the other members of the tribe performed other different tasks once all the tasks needed for the subsistence of the group were completed, the resources generated are distributed in the group proportionally to what each person in the group contributed the way to assess how much someone contributed to the general production of subsistence tasks is done through the sum and average of all the evaluations or preferences that the people in the tribe have these two key concepts are called the division of labor and the subjective theory of value evolved the tribe and how to improve the allocation of wealth distribution c Thus read to each individual through the subjectivity of value, money was an accounting system that weighs the productivity of an individual, so we could say that when we stop producing all the goods and services that we consume, then the division of labor begins and with it, instead of being isolated individuals we become cells of an organism or individual which keeps us alive but at the same time we keep the individual alive because it is the minimum and indispensable unit of the same 2 if society as a whole is an organism or individual it must have tissues and systems 3 how in the human body muscles are used to produce goods or services the same thing happens with machines that run on electricity or gasoline then the electric and gasoline system is the circulatory system 4 each of the men and women are sensitive to information that is why they are considered nerve sensors and the communication between these is considered the nervous system or of the organism or individual as a whole 5 since the internet is a connection mechanism between men and women who are part of the organism or individual internet is one of the structures on which our nervous system is based 6 the nervous system is a mechanism by which we adapt to the environment it is known that animals with better nervous systems are more evolved animals capable of better adapting to the environment
From there we conclude that there are things that we could not do without a sophisticated nervous system Comparing animals that do not have a central nervous system and those that do, more or less in short, those that only have a peripheral nervous system can capture information from the environment and feel but not managing information and learning from it and making decisions 7 internet is the fundamental basis of our nervous system and without it we would be like an animal without a central nervous system blockchain and big data are even more sophisticated mechanisms that improve our nervous system, why do we have rulers? Our system works through democracy, all the decisions that are made work democratically, but there are two types of democracy: representative and participatory. When we say that all decisions work through democracy, it means that although the citizens do not decide issues in the government, they do. the representative they chose but because representatives are used and not the people directly to decide important issues due to the fact that deciding important issues among all of them is practically impossible due to the large number of people there is, this changes with blockchain technology and Big data with a transparent vote collection system and a system for reading and easy management of their votes, a government can be created by the people where any citizen can make any request that needs citizen collaboration, there will be a system that distributes it throughout the network that requirement or proposal and the people who The one who adheres to it will sign it, it will be like a collection of signatures, what will happen is that there will be very similar proposals that can be modified among the authors to reach a single proposal in consensus of the people who made similar proposals if a consensus is not reached then the proposals will be taken as two different ones and each one will run the risk of not reaching enough votes due to the segmentation of votes that the non-consensus produced. In the current government, it is decided how many proposals there have to be and there are more proposals or fewer depending on the budget that is available and how much was spent on previous proposals. In this model, the number of proposals that must be addressed in a given period of time is decided. that is, for example, 5 questions in the next month, through a vote, it will be decided how many questions enter the final vote, taking all the votes
An average of all the votes will be made and that average will decide how many proposals will be addressed and from what date to what date the process will be finished again, that is, a new vote and so on, then how the public works system works, the citizens will have what to do with the proposals those proposals will win votes in an initial vote or rather collection of signatures the citizens will read those proposals and taking into account which one has the most signatures there they will have a criterion made up of how many proposals there are how many signatures they have and that will in turn form a criterion of which proposals are more urgent then a criterion will be formed of how many questions have to go to the final vote, then there will be the number of questions that have to go in, not which ones (that is, not what the proposal says but how many proposals) once what is decided the number of issues that have to be addressed in a given period of time and the period from which date to which and date. the most voted proposals will enter the ballot, for example, if it is decided that five proposals have to be addressed in the next month, the first 5 most voted will enter the ballot, there the vote count will be restarted and a new election will be held. the most voted will be the one carried out in the month. The next phase of the project is entered, which will determine the final price to begin the collection process, in which no one is obliged to participate in it. To determine the final cost of the work, it is an audit in conjunction with all the people in the network who want to participate in the process. If you want to build a bridge, all the participants in the network will say what is needed to do this, an average will be taken and the average of all the things that are needed will be what is bought. All those who want to participate in saying that it is needed will have to pay a small amount to see that they are not doing it with bad intentions or giving an opinion without knowing, so if you give an opinion without knowing and the people of the network realize that, they will vote for see if the majority considers what you thought without knowing or if the majority thinks what you thought knowing yes by majority the people consider that you thought without knowing that amount will be confiscated and it will be raffled off to all the members of the network and whoever gets it will be paid the amount on the other hand, if people believe what you thought knowing after closing the process of valuation of the work, the amount will be returned to you. the people who own products or services that are needed in the work and want to publish their proposal of how much their product costs (that is, price) will publish it, the information will reach the entire network. but this does not stop there when we make the decision of what service or product to buy we see that there are two factors to take into account price and quality we already know how we are going to obtain the price of the service or product but how do we determine what quality it has to be the quality-price ratio quality is determined in the market with the law of supply and demand this means that people are the ones who determine quality then we will take this axiom that people determine quality to make a vote on which product they consider the most people who have more quality again you will deposit an amount that will guarantee that there are no malicious intentions or that people give their opinion without knowing once the votes have been made, the quality index of a product will be the number of people who voted for it when it is already decided which one it was the first product the process is repeated for the second and the third and in this way the price-quality relationship will be determined with that available information people will be able to vote for which products will be used in the work, which does not always have to be the product with the best value for money, but rather the one that citizens choose by voting. this time no amount will be withheld. the sum of all the components needed to finish the work is plowed and this is how the cost of the work will be determined once the cost is determined it will be passed on to the collection of all citizens who want to contribute to the work if I do not know how to collect it enough the work is considered as not feasible and the previous process is repeated until a work is considered feasible. the work must include a small percentage of emergency expenses the percentage will be put to a vote so the emergency percentage will be decided once the money has been collected Smart contracts will be made with the owners of the products and services this includes manual intellectual workers raw materials products and services
This question can be extrapolated to all questions of government with the evolution of this system we will no longer need central authorities such as presidents and ministers The perfect state. The perfect state is the minimum, that is, all its structures are simply security and justice, that is, police and justice, without a tax collection system, how is security and justice for all achieved?
There is a phrase that I like and it is yes we are all superheroes and no one is if we extrapolate this concept and say yes we are all powerful and no one is, that is, yes we are all powerful and no one concentrates power How do we know certain groups concentrate power buying justice through money then we consider justice to be able then a decentralized system of justice
And security. It would be achieved in this way. Why do we educate ourselves? why do we go to school? For pleasure not clear it is clear that there is knowledge for pleasure and people could study for pleasure but pleasure is left in the background and what prevails is the obligation and why is it mandatory to study? And why by law we all have to do it? This only has a simple answer for us to be citizens with more opportunities for a decent life and not to be manipulated by the powers, but current education, far from fulfilling these two premises, rather what it does is manipulate us in favor of the powers, this has a solution. it is solved with online education applied in a good way, not as it was applied throughout the world due to the pandemic applied as it is applied in the khan academy with millions of users throughout the world in many languages, that is, not lecture-type classes broadcast live but pre-recorded classes available to be enjoyed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and with an audiovisual production by the teacher and direct chats with teachers and group forums with several teachers to resolve the remaining doubts how each student will advance their pace then it will not be possible to do a planning through time but through advance the vacation system will work how the vacation system works vacations in a job vacations will be requested when the individual considers that they need them this will make the education process continue throughout the year this will save time plus the time saved in the processes that with technology became faster and not to mention time transportation from home to school let's say that by annual school management this system could reduce 3 months a year then it would save 3 years of the 12 years of education these three years could be used to study something else at school and if we add that everyone has to spend not 12 years of school, but 14, that is, we add two more years, then we would have a period of 5 years and if we decide that children enter school from the age of 5, they would leave at 19, what would be studied in this 5 year period? the citizen career would be studied, a career that would guarantee that all citizens are not manipulable this career would be law + economics and public administration + police because these three careers and we have already said that the judiciary is a concentrated power that benefits a select group with this system we could all be lawyers and judges and we would all have power therefore no one would have it police in a system where taxes are not paid how security is guaranteed for all good that everyone is a police officer like in Spain anyone who has knowledge Theorists of social sciences, legal sciences and technical-scientific subjects and have a good physical condition, they can be a police officer, if they pass the exam, later they are given police training, they will measure, and the police training must last many years, the truth is that it does not, and we can verify this by seeing the training of the marines in the United States that lasts 13 weeks and this e Tactical training is one of the best and most demanding in the world, so since law is already studied, legal and social sciences are already known, and in the other subjects prior to this career, they will contain the necessary content to pass the technical-scientific subjects, what is needed to know to be policeman. Economy and public administration this will be studied so that all the people are rulers then there will no longer be powerful rulers because we will all have power and that is why no one will have it Now if you are intelligent, will you tell me if everyone will have this civic career and there are no taxes How is the education of all citizens financed in this citizen career? It will be easy to migrate from the old order of the country to the new order of the country, where a fund will be created for all citizens as compensation for all the corruption and manipulation of the previous government system, this fund will have a single purpose to pay for the studies of the citizen race this fund will be administered by all citizens through a system similar to that of public works through votes it will work as follows how this money will run out one day what will be done is a loan system to leverage private investments the same Citizens will vote to reach a consensus of who is subject to credit based on the reputation of the person requesting the loan through a proof of authority system.
In addition, to improve the quality of life of all citizens, people will be able to deposit this fund so that it grows. In addition, with online education, the costs of this citizen career would be reduced and some citizens could donate their teaching. Just recording the course once could be immortalized for the enjoyment of all citizens costing 0 in this case. Continuing how security and justice would work once all people can be educated in a citizen career To avoid fraud and unfair rulings in justice, a vote will be put in which the entire population will decide how many judges should be assigned to a process voluntarily . these judges will pass sentences according to the sentences handed down the sentences handed down will be averaged and combined into one sentence the judges will be selected at random if a judge does not want to participate it is randomly selected again the judges will make the trials ad honorem once handed down the sentence will exist the concept of vigilantes of justice the citizens will be able to see all the information of the case and if someone believes that in the case there was some irregularity they will spread it through the network and if 15% of the entire population believes that there was an irregularity the case is reopened this time with other randomly selected judges
The police will function in a similar way, it will be a citizen surveillance of all members of society as the police cannot arrest people without a flagrant act on the part of a citizen, the entire population will be vigilant in this system, the free carrying of weapons except for minors but what about the police that are needed for specific functions such as protection of banks and police operations the police who want to participate in an operation will receive an alert to which they can respond if they want to participate in the operation or not then the policemen will be randomly selected the policemen will work ad honorem the police will be hierarchized in a few divisions the hierarchical positions were filled with users of good reputation and selected by vote by the other citizens

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