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loading... with Git source control management?

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I'm a huge fan of - a tool used to draw network topology, UML, architecture & more. Our team uses the tool pretty heavily, albeit independent to each other and not necessarily sharing.

I had a thought.. you have the ability to export as .xml. Each user edits their diagram, exports as .xml (to device) and adds to the SCM repository. If another user wants to edit it, they check-out the branch.. make their edits and check in/add a pull request/etc.

Quick diagram using
diagram + SCM = success?

Has anyone else used this type of combination?

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Is still a great idea. I would love to be using this way. Probably, needs to be a feature request to to support this. :/

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Troy Author

Definitely! Thanks for the input!

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And, someone has already put in the request: . We can go and give it a big thumbs-up.

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William McKenzie

So, a pretty reasonable workflow would be to clone the repository, and open it up in visual studio code, which has an extension with a full drawio editor. I usually save as .drawio.svg.

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Hi Troy! Did you found any solution? Thank you