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JIRA Workflow task from YAML files

Use Case:

In our company we have different areas that work across JIRA tasks and Confluence.

Sometime we need to set around 20 tasks for a common target. This tasks are for example to get up and running some customizations from our customers.

In the example that i'm going to use we need:

  1. [1] Epic Task
  2. [4-5] Main Tasks for the different areas
  3. [4-5] Sub-tasks from each main task
  4. Relate the task to labels
  5. Relate the tasks between them
  6. Attach links (Zendesk, Confluence, docs, etc)

This actions at this moment are executed by one person, but sometimes you forget to do a task, or may be creation the relations between tasks (blocks, relates to). With this we avoid human mistakes, we set the structure and then the script auto-generates all the tasks.

JIRA Workflow tasks

This project allows to you create a workflow template to build tasks in Jira. You only need to set the specifications in multiples YML files, and then the script will generate the tasks and their relationships accordingly the YML configuration.


This project uses two libraries:

This libraries are already loaded with composer

Getting Started

To get started it's necessary set some environment variables. You need to copy the .env.example file as .env file.

Here set the JIRA properties:



Firts install composer to get the libraries installed.

composer install

Now it's necessary set the templates


The project already becomes with a example template. The templates are stored in the folder templates.

Template Folder

To get a project working you can copy and paste the structure of templates/example or create your own First create a folder inside …

So with this we can set many templates in the projects folder and run automated workflows.

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