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First Impressions ANNE PRO 2

What better way to test a new keyboard than actually typing on it? My friend lent me his Anne Pro 2, and so far, this little keyboard has amazed me with its power.

It uses brow switches and four fully customizable layouts, and the possibilities are endless. Its compact size makes it perfect for travel or working-from-home adventures into different rooms (aka the kitchen.)

I saw tones of tutorials where people share their setups for the different layers. Still, I first need to get used to the super tall keys it has compared to my Apple Magic Key before venturing myself with configurations.

That's it for me, guys! As I said, this was my very first test on the new keyboard, and so far, my impressions are excellent.

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Looks a bit like the ducky one two mini! Have been working with the ducky for some weeks now.. perfect keyboard for travelling indeed! Most annoying part is stepping away from the arrow keys

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Diego Moura

I've heard of the Ducky mini, almost bought one before my friend offers me his Anne Pro 2.

The Anne Pro has a setting where you can adjust the speedy/strength You tap the arrow keys, so it gets registered as an arrow key. My config only registered arrows if I tap it fast and not with too much pressure.

The more I use this keyboard, the more I'm in love with it.

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