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In any profession or area in which we work technical knowledge is not everything, it plays a fundamental role in the profession but something else that plays a great role is our own emotional intelligence, in my case of being a developer of systems and web interfaces our main objective is to solve problems or improve the user experience with our work but when we reach a point of seeing so much code or even fatigue can block us mentally and hinder us to think better, or simply our own personal life, because despite everything we are still human, sons, brothers, boyfriends, fathers, uncles and aunts among others. For that, we need to develop great emotional intelligence.

In this post I bring you some recommended tips that little by little in my experience as a developer I have been carried out in some situations and have helped me a lot, for this you need to develop the following:

1. Mental Toughness.

It is the mental strength, it is the degree that allows you to withstand any emotional problem and not let it affect you. You need to do activities that make you mentally tough. Things you think you can't do. Tasks that cause you difficulties, but that you overcome with hard work and determination.

To do this, do physical exercise, try something that you like so much.

Mental toughness

2. Mental Consciousness.

It is the ability to see your thoughts as you have them, to be able to look at yourself from a third person point of view. The key fact is that you must realize that we experience emotions due to a reaction or event.

For this meditation, visualization, self-analysis give you an insight into your own thoughts.

Visualization and meditation helps you to know what you are thinking to understand how you are feeling at that moment.

Self-analysis you can see what your thoughts have been over a period of time to see where the focus has gone. Doing these activities will make you more present and help you notice those emotions in real time.

Mental Consciousness

3. Mental Attitude.

It is the ability to maintain a positive attitude despite a negative circumstance thrown in your direction.

Mental Attitude

If you are a negative person, then a negative situation will affect you longer and worse than someone who is a positive person, the reason being that the negative person will magnify the problem by focusing on their negative perception of the problem, whereas the positive person will spend time trying to find the benefit they can get out of the situation.

We want the positive person to find solutions without focusing on the problems.

To do this, it can help to do things like visualize positive goals and circumstances in your life.

4. Set aside time for yourself.

You should set aside time to do what you enjoy the most, whether it is reading a book, going to the movies with your family, alone or with friends, going for a walk in a different place that makes you get out of the ordinary, the idea is that you can set aside that time for you to do something different that makes you recharge your energy, clear and free your mind to think better later.


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