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Javascript: important language for web development.

Previously Javascript (JS) was named only to create the interaction between the back-end and front-end client-side, by then the library and tool that constituted the largest percentage and popularity within the language was jquery this because it allowed you to have a cleaner and more organized code in Javascript taking advantage of many features such as the appearance of methods that optimized the code, This library combined with AJAX that allowed to make requests and retrieve information from the server side asynchronously, ie in less execution time and without reloading the URL, was a boom for that time, but it was in 2009 thanks to Ryan Dahl where this technology takes a giant turn in favor of the future we have today, NodeJS arises.

What is NodeJS?


NodeJS is a JS runtime environment that allows us to run JS code on a machine without the need for a browser.

It is asynchronous event-driven and designed to develop scalable web applications and sites, with data input and output, where you can create operations that read or write files, manipulate images or handle HTTP requests, among many other things.

It is based on Google's v8 engine and currently a large part of the web we know today is developed or involves Javascript and the use of this language.

Its installation is very simple, just go to the official website of NodeJS and download it according to the operating system where we are, whether Windows, Linux or Mac.

With the installation of NodeJS, the Javascript package manager, npm, is installed by default, which will help you download packages of libraries and useful tools for your development, either on the front-end or back-end side.

Once installed from the official website the command to verify if it is really on your computer is the following.

node --version

And to verify the npm you use the following.

npm --version

Current TypeScript


Typescript (TS) emerged in 2012 by Microsoft, whose name was originally Strada, was created to correct the structure and shortcomings that still had NodeJS to develop large-scale platforms, although in the tech world many developers consider it as a programming language, TS is a superset of JS.

It is said that it is superset when you can run applications from another programming language, in the case of TS you can run JS applications because it is at the forefront with the ECMAScript guidelines that govern good practices and new features of JS.

The benefit of this is that you can implement Typescript code in a Javascript project and vice versa.

Currently the use of TS is considered important because it allows you to generate more robust applications.


I particularly like to develop in this language because it can complement and develop hybrid skills on the front-end and back-end side (perhaps one more than the other but we could adapt very quickly), besides being able to have applications with the same technology without having to be combining different programming languages.

In future articles I will be delving deeper into this excellent JS language and the TS superset.

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