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Diego (Relatable Code)
Diego (Relatable Code)

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How to change Material Icon Theme folder association

How to change Material Icon Theme folder association
I really love the Material Icon Theme for Visual studio code. It’s very visually appealing and helps me quickly mentally locate whatever I need inside the explorer.

However, not all folder names and types are covered by default. But, they do offer a way to add your own associations with custom icons as well pre-existing icons.

Changing the icon
In this example, I’ll be changing the icon for a folder named cypress. Cypress is used for end-to-end testing so I figured I should change the default Icon to something more oriented for testing.

First, let’s go ahead and open up Visual Studio Code and hit CTRL + SHIFT + p

This should open up possible commands. Type in User Settings.

Visual Studio Code User Settings

Upon opening them up, we can see the search bar, search for folder icon.

In Material-icon-theme > Folders: Associations click on “Edit in settings.json”

There should be a section called material-icon-theme.folders.associations

Inside we can start changing the folder associations

Material Icon Theme settings.json

I updated it to include cypress with the test folder association.

For default images this can be used as a reference:

Now cypress will show up with the updated icon:

New cypress icon

And that’s it! Let me know in the comments below if you have any other material icon theme customizations you use!

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