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How would you present programming as a topic to a big group of people?

How would you present programming as a topic to a big group of people?

They might be in the programming topic or not, but mainly they are starters that are starting to learn programming.

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jessica_veit profile image
Jessica Veit • Edited on

I thought about this in an article of mine about two years ago and looking back I cannot find other words today:

Software development and everything surrounding it – to me – is a craft. Of course, when comparing it to other crafty crafts its actual scope is hard to grasp. Seeing how in carpentry everyone has their own way of defining how a piece of art may be made and is supposed to look, working with the materials they have on hand and getting better and more creative with each try, that is just how creating things work – Everything is in your control.

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

I would say that it's a way to release your creativity and build things that you can only dream of.

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