Which linux distro is best for general application development, docker and devops?

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Hello dev community,

I have finally decided to move away from windows 10, I liked it but it is very limiting in terms of docker and devops, as I have read online and experienced many lags with windows.

So, I wanted to know in your opinion which linux distro will be best for general development (I do native android development), devops, docker etc.

I want to basically know which distro you would prefer.

I have found that centos and ubuntu are most popular.

please share your views on this



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I've been using Manjaro Linux for a few years and have no regrets. Its based on Arch Linux, which gives it access to a large package repo (lots of community submitted packages), follows the same rolling release, is more stable than the more leading edge Arch distro, comes with multiple UI flavors, has tons of directly relevant support as its Arch based, (the Arch wiki is fantastic) is vastly easier to setup and use out of the box when compared to Arch Linux

I've used Ubuntu, and a few other distros in the past, and I personally always had issues with non-rolling release updates, and some minor issues with packages. I'm not saying I haven't had those issues with Arch Linux/Manjaro, but when they do happen its my own fault (partial updates, restarting at the wrong time)

If you want to just get up and running fast, keep things easy to maintain, and get software you need without manually keeping track of them, Manjaro is the way to go.

PS. Regardless of what distro you pick, pick either a gnome desktop environment for a "fancier" experience, or xfce if you just want things to work. Picking anything else usually ends up with stability issues or limited support. Either of these two are the "main stream". Unless you like debugging your desktop instead of programming, stick with the main stream for the essentials.


Thanks Brad for sharing this :)


Depending on your experience on using Linux you have some options, also you have options depending on the base distro.

I like to use directly Debian installing from the netinstall image, but I know it should be a little bit harder if you don't have too much experience because of that I have to recommend you Ubuntu.

I don't have experience in desktop environments based on RedHat like Fedora but is a very good distro with a lot of community and support from RedHat.

In the end, you need to think about community, support, and updates, then maybe try some of them to finally decide which one is for you.


I love Ubuntu, Its fast, has a great desktop and will run docker and android studio great, Ubuntu is always my first choice OS.


Thanks FultonB for sharing this :)


You may also enjoy Alpine for some of your Dockerized apps. The Alpine image is about 90% smaller than Ubuntu's, and for some containers, Alpine may be perfect for what you need.


I think I will go with ubuntu, because I don't have much experience with linux and you guys also recommend this. Thanks everyone